Paul Colwell

Hello, welcome to my website. Feel free to have a look about and do get in touch if you fancy.

The day job

My day job, as it were, is as a Lecturer for the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I teach on the BA Theatre Practice degree programme. Most of my time is spent working with students studying theatre lighting, stage management and technical & production management. My specialist subject areas are theatre lighting, photography and project management. I am also, I must confess, a bit of a health & safety nerd. Someone's got to be...

Before CSSD

Before I joined Central, I spent the vast majority of my career as a freelancer.

One of the best things about working as a lecturer, is that I have to 'maintain my practice'; ie I have to get out of the school and continue to work professionaly in the field. This means I am able to accept commissions for interesting projects in lighting design, production management and photography.

Author: Paul Colwell