There’s so much stuff out there these days; photos, video, “digital art”, whatever that is; and it’s production seems to be increasing at an exponential rate. Along with this outpouring of creativity comes an equally vast amount of critique about what’s good and what’s not. I use the word ‘critique’ in it’s loosest possible sense, as so much of it takes the form of the very briefest of comment, “that’s cool” or “that’s crap”; which suggests to me an equally brief amount of thought has gone into the assessment. With so much media to look at, I suppose it’s inevitable that rapid assessments become compulsory, but I think it’s important to regularly take some time to really figure out what makes a piece of work good or not. I also think it’s more beneficial to establish the good bits rather than pick out the bad. Identifying ‘good bits’ can form inspiration and ideas on which directions to explore with one’s own work.

So, watch this video from director Jack Henry James and inspiring company ‘Really Creative Media’, and I’ll pick out just a few of the things which I think make it fantastic.

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